What is your role?Ask Questions

What is your role?Ask Questions

What is your role?

Here at St. Mary''s Regional Medical Center, your safety is our priority. All the members of your healthcare team work hard to provide the safest environment and care. You are the most important member of this team! Listed below are steps to safer health care:

• Speak up if you have concerns. It''s OK to ask

questions and expect answers you can


• Don''t be afraid to ask for help or advice.

• Don''t be afraid to ask for pain medications.

• Including a relative or friend during your

hospital stay may help you understand the

information provided to you.

• Write questions down.

• Be sure your healthcare provider verifies your

identification by checking your name bracelet

and asking you to state your name and your

date of birth before administering medications,

drawing blood, or performing any other invasive procedure.

• Make sure you understand instructions you get about follow-up care when you leave

the hospital.


• If you have pain, be sure to let your nurse know.

• Include prescriptions, over-the-counter medicines, and dietary supplements such as

vitamins and herbal medicines when asked what medication you take.

• If you do not know what medications you are being given or why, please ask.

Test Results

• Ask when and how you will get results of tests and procedures.

• Don''t assume the results are fine if you do not get them when expected.

• Ask your doctor what the results mean.


• Tell the surgeon, anesthesiologist, and nurses about allergies, reactions to

anesthesia, and any medications you are taking.

• Make sure that you, your relatives, and your surgeon all agree and are clear on

exactly what will be done.

• Ask your surgeon how long it will take and what you should expect to feel during the


Preventing Infection

• Wash your hands frequently, if you need help, please ask. Ask your family member

to wash their hands frequently as well.

• Since you are part of the healthcare team, do not be afraid to remind doctors and

nurses about washing their hands before working on you.

• Follow your doctor''s instructions regarding breathing treatments and getting out of


• Ask your relatives and friends not to visit if they themselves feel ill.